Online Gems & Crystal Therapy Course

At a Glance

Gems and Crystals are 3-dimensional forms that are formed in mother Earth. Crystals are the sacred stones that are symbolic of the human soul. They represent the innate human desire for clarity. Crystal is both a receiver and transmitter of energy. It is a protectiveally that balances and attunes the surroundings to human vibrations. Crystals develop affinity with the wearer and create spiritual links with him.

Crystals possess an inexhaustible treasure of healing and empowerment for human beings. If one knows how to program them then they can be more productive and result-oriented. Programming a crystal is a conscious practice that requires proper knowledge and the technique.

Crystals are capable of storing, reflecting and channelising pure light and color in numerous healing ways. They can be charged, activated and programmed as per requirement. Gems and crystals prove to be one of the best healing tools available for human. Gems and Crystals act like catalysts in conducting energy. They have an affinity to human spirit by creating spiritual links when they are worn or hold.


Institute of Vedic Astrology is possibly the only institute in India that offers such a vast blanket of content on Gems and Crystals Therapy Online Course.

At Institute of Vedic Astrology Indore we teach students the unknown and hidden yet very powerful applications of Gems and Crystals in healing, application in psychology, spiritual upliftment, curing diseases, improving concentration and memory, remedy, planetary empowerement.


Various applications of Gems and Crystals on other techniques and subjects also included like Vastu Shastra, Feng Shui, Tarot reading, Astrology, Numerology and Palmistry.

Consultation Book

Crystal and Rudraksh Kit will be send to all Post Graduate students. It will contain healing stones for Star of David arrangement as per the course manual. A kit containing real Rudraksh will also be provided.


Gems-Crystal Therapy Diploma Course Syllabus (DIG)

Diploma Course : Module 1 to 6 (1 Module per month for 6 months) Learn what EXTRA you get in Post Graduate Diploma Course...

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Gems-Crystal Therapy Post Graduate Diploma Course Syllabus (PGDIG)

Post Graduate Diploma Course : Module 1 to 12 (1 Module per month for 12 months) Gems crystal Study Material Contains {14 Modules (12 Modules + Orientation Program for Professional Practice + 1 Specialisation)} for Post Graduate Diploma Students...

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Remedies In Astrology And Numerology

The Planets and their relation to crystals and Gems, Uses of Gems & Crystals in Astrology, Astro-Crystal remedies. Basic Numbers and Crystal to wear. Other important uses.

*Specialisation Free with Post Graduate Diploma Course