Advance Astrology Online Training Course

Advance Astrology Online Training Course - At a Glance

Advance Astrology course is also called as Shiromani course. Students who have completed 1 year Post Graduate Diploma course should take up this course for a greater understanding and in-depth knowledge of Astrology. The course deals with Shodash horoscopes. Course covers special effects, six powers of planets, causative planets, The 8 types of horoscopes, Horo Chart, Dreshkan Chart, Navmansha Chart, Dashmansh Chart, Saptansh Chart, Dwadashansh Chart, Trishansh Chart, Kalansh Chart, Shasthayansh Chart and Shodashansh Chart.

The course also covers many aspect of human life in great details and the combinations associated with it. Nuances of horoscope matching of boy and girl for marriage is also covered at length with the 36 qualities matching. Manglik dosha is also covered in same.

Eligibility: 1 Year Post Graduate Diploma in Vedic Astrology course

Medium: Hindi or English

Where Post Graduate Diploma in Vedic Astrology gives a person knowledge from beginning whereas Shiromani course aims to cover deeper aspects of Vedic Astrology. It fine tunes students in this art. Students will become expert in solving various specific problems like personality, ancestral property, brother sister, happiness, house, education, parents, children, enemy, debt, disease, spouse, marriage, partnership, death, luck, luck rising, job,profession, business, profit and loss after completing the course.

Course also covers making Dashvarga charts and doing predictions based on charts. Lal Kitab (The Astrology Red Book) is also covered in this course. Many previous students of Institute of Vedic Astrology who have completed Shiromani course are earning abroad in Dollars, Euro, Dirhams. Students who have completed or are doing Post Graduate Diploma in Vedic Astrology can only be admitted in the Vedic Astrology Shiromani Course.


Astrology Shiromani Post Graduate Diploma Course Syllabus(PGDIA)

Post Graduate Diploma Course : Module 1 to 12 (1 Module per month for 12 months) ...

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